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As the age of information took shape a medium was born that changed the way the world operates. Once news was delivered via a printing press, then radio, television and now instantaneously via the web. Marketing and advertising came in the form of billboards, newspaper and magazine advertisments, radio and television advertisments, now the primary source for sourcing products and services happens via search engines and corporate websites. Where do modern companies fit in and how do we utilize this medium to do business? Contact us to find out more about how a web strategy involving web design, web development and e-marketing can change your business.

Continue reading through the information on this website to discover more about the internet and how Nedoweb is working with its customers in Strand, Gordons Bay, Somerset West, Cape Town and many other parts of the country and the world, to realize the benefits of this complex, yet versatile medium.


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Kendo PanelBar Expand Event - Waiting for the PanelBar to Finish Expanding

I wanted the first panel to be expanded by default so I added the class 'k-state-active' to the first LI element of the unordered list (UL) that I was using as the Panel Bar. Doing this however resulted in the oddest behaviour where the opened Kendo Panel Bar panel reloaded the entire site inside it

The provided anti-forgery token was meant for user "", but the current user is "myUsername".

A user lands on the login page, enters valid credentials and clicks login. After authenticating successfully the user is redirected to another application page but some reason the user clicks the browser back button. After re-entering their credentials again and clicking the loggin button they get the following exception: