Telerik has released the much anticipated Sitefinity 4.0 CTP (or Community Technology Preview) and we’ve been able to get our hands dirty with some basic testing.  SitefinityTelerik’s Telerik Sitefinity 4.0 releasedContent Management System, is by far the most user-friendly and developer friendly platform to build and operate CMSs with. Sitefinity 4.0 seems to be taking that to a new level.

From the get-go we noticed changes to the administrator utility, which has long been haunting us and in dire need of progress. Modules are no longer listed horizontally along the bottom of the sub-menu, but are neatly stacked in a drop down menu called Content.


Security wise Sitefinity seems to have taken it up a gear with what seems like finer grain control over permissions.

Settings that one would have had to make in the web.config file (cumbersome) can now be made through an easy to use interface, which is great news for most CMS administrators.

Adding New Pages

Creating new pages has changed significantly and we’re in the process of investigating further before we write more about the topic, but for now we’ll just say that there’s a new layout feature which could potentially be very useful if it does what we anticipate it will. It’s still early days, but we’ll keep posting to keep everyone updated.

Extension-less URLs

Another great addition is extension-less URLs and the overall move to Search Engine friendly URLS.

We look forward to the BETA version of Sitefinity 4.0 when more of the final features will start to become available.