Nedoweb launched (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA) on Friday night and we’re very pleased at the outcome. The traffic seems to be flowing actively into the new site and the AFRICAN SUN MeDIA e-commerce website launched with great reviewsteam at AFRICAN SUN MeDIA are receiving good compliments all round.

It’s a rare experience to work for a company like AFRICAN SUN MeDIA and one we appreciate very much. They trust you to do the work that you’re good at whilst not being afraid to raise concerns or ask questions.

We conveyed our appreciatation to CEO Justa du Plessis for her team’s active participation in the process and their high level of input and initiative.

The site is built on DotNetNuke Content Management System technology, which provides the AFRICAN SUN MeDIA team the tools they need to keep the content of the site current and relevant. They also have an e-commerce store selling the books that they publish which was one of the major integration points of the project, the other being PrintShop Mail. PrintShop Mail in itself is an entirely different beast built on PHP technology and yet we were able to embed the application within the site using simple frames and the user would hardly be aware of the fact that they are on two entirely different systems.

Once again we compliment AFRICAN SUN MeDIA and thank them for allowing us to work with them.