Over the last week or two a customer of ours ran a survey on their Sitefinity based website using the built-in forms module. We’ve made a minor change to this form allowing us to send out Sitefinity 4 - Form Data, Duplicate Field creates corrupt data as underlying property name doesn't changenotifications to internal users every time a form is submitted, because for some reason the Forms Module doesn’t have this feature.

The major problem we discovered this morning when viewing the results is that it would seem that the data is corrupt. When viewing the responses answers provided by the users in on field (paragraph input field) seems to have been copied to all the other paragraph input type questions. Not just that but when you export the data the resulting Excel document looks even worse with hardly any of the question fields exported.

We’ve currently got a support ticket open with Telerik to try and resolve this.


Telerik got back to us and confirmed that this is a bug in Sitefinity 4 and I’m assuming 5 and 6 as well.
Click here to see details about the problem and don’t forget to upvote it. (Since when do we need to vote for product fault to be repaired?)

The net result is in fact that the data was lost and it occurrs because we madde use of the ‘duplicate field’ feature under the more actions menu. The field successfully duplicates, but doesn’t change the underlying property name. So what you end up with is a bunch of input controls all pointing to the same database column data.

To avoid it? Don’t use the duplicate function in forms! I know, not the best solution at all, but that’s what we’ve been given.