AFRICAN SUN MeDIA Website Launch

Nedoweb launched (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA) on Friday night and we're very pleased at the outcome. The traffic seems to be flowing actively into the new site and the team at AFRICAN SUN MeDIA are receiving good compliments all round. It's [...] Advert Manager – Adverto

For we were asked to build an advertisement system which would deliver adverts as well as track impressions, click-throughs. Finally we had to draw reports on all of these elements including click-through ratios. Our Research After some initial research [...]

Mr. VIDEO Launches New Site

Mr. VIDEO launches its new website today and the anticipation surrounding the event is palpable. The Mr. VIDEO franchise which focuses its business on home entertainment, specifcally in the movie, TV series and video game rentals business, has grown to [...]

DotNetNuke (DNN) and Telerik RadControls Integration

Installing the Telerik RadControls in DotNetNuke is not difficult, but there are a couple of points that can lead to trouble. So I've decided to put together a short blog entry detailing the steps required to successfully integrate your Telerik [...]

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