Sitefinity Custom Configuration Section in Advanced Settings

For the most part we normally like to keep our application settings in the web.config file nicely stashed away under the appSettings node. But, a change to any of these settings will restart the application, which in most cases is [...]

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Sitefinity API CreateDataItem for Child Dynamic Content Items Creates ContentLifecycleStatus.Live Item with Null System Parent ID

If you're working with Dynamic Modules in Sitefinity and creating your own MVC based custom widgets for these modules then you may be facing a problem where when you use the API to create a child Dynamic Content item for [...]

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Sitefinity Forms paragraph field not applying Bootstrap styling

This is a problem I noticed one or two versions back in Sitefinity where if you create a form and drop a number of fields on the form they correctly make use of the Bootstrap classes (if Bootstrap is the [...]

Copying files from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business

Ever been stuck with Gigabytes worth of data on your OneDrive account that you wanted to move to OneDrive for Business without having to first synchronise both on your desktop? For a long time now I've been stuck with a [...]

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