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  • Bespoke Information Management Strategies
  • Corporate Social Networking Startegies
  • Sharepoint Extensibility and Scalability
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Office 365 and what it includes

What is Office 365?

In short, Office 365 gives you access to Office applications plus other productivity services such as SharePoint, Yammer, Delve, Stream and Video, with it’s main focus on enabling business on collaboration and being available anywhere, anytime over the Internet (cloud services). But to explain it better let’s go back to, what you already know and have come to love as, Microsoft Office.

How did Microsoft Office Evolve?

If you’re currently using Microsoft Office then virtually nothing changes accept your experience is enhanced.  Your old Microsoft Office wasn’t geared to be accessed from anywhere, you had to save your files and carry them with you on your computer as it also didn’t support multiple devices, this is where the major change came in with Office 365.

Compare how Office 365 has moved us forward:

Similarities between Microsoft Office and Office 365 Additions in Office365
Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word OneDrive for BusinessOneDrive for Business
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel Skype for BusinessSkype for Business
Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft OneNote  Microsoft SwaySway
Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Outlook

Additions in Office 365 Explained

Microsoft Delivered Services

Delivered Services is what Microsoft offers organizations to enable the use of the technologies explained above. There are 4 Core Services and they include:

The result of these services enable you to have access on any device, across multiple platforms.  Microsoft allows for up to  15 installations of Office on multiple devices which includes desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

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What other productivity services does Office 365 offer?

Why SharePoint?

Information management chaos is a reality for many organizations and many IT executives are reporting that the biggest challenge they face is being buried in information. Valuable information is drowning in a sea of files, folders, on desktops, in emails and we still wonder why numerous surveys have shown that the average employee can spend up to eight hours a week looking for information.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Content spread across a multitude of repositories some of which are incapable of integrating with each other or commonly used tools
  • Poor mobility
  • File and Folder Sprawl
  • Widespread use of File Servers
  • Inability to locate content
  • Lack of information management strategies and policies

Unlock knowledge in your organization using Sharepoint!

Use SharePoint to facilitate collaboration amongst employees, share content, store documents, implement business processes and provide access to all of this information through SharePoint search capabilities. Like Microsoft Office, SharePoint is a powerful and flexible tool that can be customized to the needs of any organization and when used effectively will play the most significant role in unlocking knowledge, inefficiencies and time/cost savings.

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Why Corporate Social Networking is important

One of the key challenges organisations face today is the ability to remain competitive and thanks to team fragmentation (teams in multiple geographic locations), lack of communication and the growing demand for corporate transparency and knowledge sharing, it would seem that there has never been a more crucial time for organizations to consider corporate social networking.

Staying competitive in any organization means paying attention to three key ingredients: Growth, Productivity and Innovation. Corporate Social Networking, also known as Enterprise Social Networking, provides the platform needed for an organisation to engage all stakeholders and strengthen its competitive edge. Office 365 provides the foundation for Corporate Social Networking through the combined use of tools such as SharePoint, Yammer, Video and Streaming, Delve, Planner and Enterprise Search.

Breaking the Corporate Social Network silence

  • Enable your employees to generate and integrate new information and knowledge which in turn will enable them to deliver the best solutions and achieve the best results.
  • Increase your organisations speed in providing guidance, feedback and recognition enabling your employees to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Increase your organisations productivity by efficiently capturing, storing and searching through corporate data and preventing knowledge silos.

Applying the Social Journey Mehodology

Yammer - Applying the Social Journey Methodology

Explaining the Social Journey Methodology

  • Define your goals and vision – Prioritise the ways to use Yammer that support the vision
  • Map the Value – Put your prioritised initiatives into practice through defined use cases and configure Yammer
  • Work Social – Prepare for launch and raise awereness
  • Drive Success – Monitor network usage and evaluate success
  • Evaluate, Adapt and Iterate – Define overarching vision for using Yammer

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