Of all the CMSs that I’ve worked with, Sitefinity CMS is hands down the most user friendly CMS when it comes to managing content.

In this post I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a Sitefinity CMS page as well as adding a basic layout and some content.

We’ll be creating a basic ‘contact us’ type page so I’ll also be showing you how to create a basic form in Sitefinity CMS.

Progress Sitefinity CMS logo

Create the Sitefinity CMS Page

Log in to the Sitefinity backend by navigating to /Sitefinity and entering your credentials.

Once you’ve successfully logged in, click the ‘Pages’ tab in the top navigation. Click ‘Create a page’ on the ‘Pages’ view.

Sitefinity create page

On the ‘Create a page’ view give the page a name (1).

Notice that as you type, the URL (3) value will change automatically.

Any spaces you add to the name of your page will be replaced with hyphens, which is standard practice and a good idea because it makes the URL more readable and search engine friendly.

Since this is the Contact Us page we’ll keep it ‘At top level’ in the section ‘Put this page…’ (2).

I’ll create another post on the concept of multiple URLs (4) since there is quite a bit of importance when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For now you can leave it unchecked.

We want the Contact Us page so show in the navigation so we will leave that checked (5), but we can leave the next two check boxes unchecked.

Sitefinity CMS Page Title and Properties

When you created the Name for the page, Sitefinity CMS also added this exact value to the ‘Title for search engines’ field (6).

This is the value displayed in the title bar of your browser and is also used by Search Engines when showing results.

Sitefinity CMS - create a page titles and properties

Sitefinity CMS Page Template

The next section allows us to change the template, which we’ll do. Click ‘Select another Template’ (1).

Sitefinity CMS - create page - change template

Scroll down to the Bootstrap list of templates and select the ‘2 Equal Columns, Header, Footer’ (1) template and click Done.

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - select template

Click the ‘Create and go to add content’ button.

Sitefinity CMS Page Content

In the next view expand the Navigation group of widgets and drag a Navigation widget (1) into the top container (2). Click Publish (3) to finish off the page for the moment.

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - add navigation

In part 2 of this series on ‘how to create a Sitefinity CMS page’ we’ll add some content and a form to the page.

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