In the previous post ‘How to create a Sitefinity page – part 2‘ we created a form with a number of fields that make up a typical contact form. In part 1 of this series we created a page with a basic layout and navigation which makes up the basis of our ‘Contact Us’ page.

In this post we’ll finish up the Contact Us page by adding the form we created in part 2 to the page we created in part 1 as well as adding some additional text that one would commonly find on Contact Us pages.

Progress Sitefinity CMS logo

Add the Sitefinity CMS Form to the Page

Make sure you’re logged into Sitefinity CMS and navigate to Pages (1). Click on Contact Us (2) to open the page in edit view.

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - open page in edit view

In the right ‘Drag widgets’ (1) pane locate the Form widget (2) under Content and drag it to the left side container called ‘Column 1’ (3).

Sitefinity CMS create contact us page - add form to page

By default no form will be displayed. Next we need to tell Sitefinity which from we’d like to use for this Form widget. Click the Edit (1) link on the top right of the Form widget.

Sitefinity - Create page add form widget - edit form

In the Form dialog that appears locate and select the Contact Us (1) form that we created in part 2 of this series and click Save.

Sitefinity - Create page - select form

You should now already be able to see the Contact Us form (1) loaded into the page.

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - form added to page

Add Additional Contact Us Sitefinity CMS Content

The final pieces of any Contact Us page involve regular content which you can add to a page using Sitefinity’s ‘Content Block’ widget.

Locate the ‘Content Block’ (2) widget in the ‘Drag widgets’ (1) column on the right of the screen and drag it into ‘Column 2’ (3) on the right side of the page.

Sitefinity - Create page - add general copy

Once it’s loaded click on its Edit (1) link at the top right hand corner of the widget.

Sitefinity - Create page - content block edit button

In the Content Block dialog add the copy that you would typically find on a Contact Us page (1) and click Save.

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - add general Content Block copy

When you’ve added the copy to the Content Block and you’re ready to see what the page looks like, click Publish (1).

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - publish page

When the Sitefinity Page has finished publishing you should be back on the Pages view. Click the View (1) link next to the Contact Us page to see a preview of what we’ve just created.

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - preview page link

As you can see we now have a page with navigation, a Sitefinity Form to capture user contact information and some copy in a Sitefinity Content Block.

Sitefinity CMS - Create page - final outcome


In this series I’ve demonstrated how easy it is to create Sitefinity Pages and Forms. There are of course a number of other things you can do to this page to optimize it for Search Engines (SEO), performance and you’ll also want to know where the data is stored when users complete the Contact Us form, but I’ll cover more of these details in later posts.