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We Implement, Support and Extend Content Management Systems such as Sitefinity, DNN and WordPress

Content Management Systems that we support

What is a Content Management System?

It’s quite simply a software application which enables you to create and modify any digital content.  In a Content Management System or CMS you create, publish, organize and manage your online content. It’s built with multiple layers, separating presentation (web editor) from the more technical (programmer) layers. Web editors are facilitated with tools for the creation of content, the publishing of content, and, storing of content.

When CMSs was in it’s infancy people used it because it saved them money, they could update their own websites without going to a web company to do it for them.  Today however it’s not only about updating content but creating multiple layers of content. When you think about content you need to think about your audience, whilst it’s true that a large part of your audience like the same things they still have different preferences.  Some like content long, some short, some like infographics, others like video, the landscape of content is ever changing and thus content management systems are the best approach if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Compare Content Management Systems

We support multiple content management systems, WordPress, Dot Net Nuke and Sitefinity. But how do you know which CMS to choose? First of all let’s look at comparing the different Content Management Systems:

Benefits WordPress DotNetNuke (DNN) Sitefinity
Open Source
Works well as an ecommerce solution
Easily scalable and customizable
Excellent SEO and online marketing capabilities
Simple, user-friendly content management
Good for multi-purpose websites
Notes Not recommended for customized sites with complex features Not recommended for ecommerce solutions Paid solution, rapid development, overall really good

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Advantages and disadvantages of Sitefinity as a Content Management System (CMS)

Advantages Disadvantages
Intuitive user interface makes it extremely easy to use Costly for the actual CMS
Easily extendable Poor documentation
Responsive templates and a flexible layout system Not as big a community as other CMSs which means less templates and plugins available
Great for enterprise websites  Absolutely
Sitefinity - Content Management System


Advantages and disadvantages of DOTNETNUKE as a Content Management System (CMS)

Advantages Disadvantages
Really easy to learn Old way of coding
Large community Difficulty when you have to program multi-step processes
Easily extendable Doesn’t have a good “look”
Thousands of 3rd party Module developers Documentation is poor
DOTNETNUKE (DNN) - Open Source Content Management System


Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)

Advantages Disadvantages
Open Source Modification requires knowledge of CSS and HTML
No knowledge of PHP or HTML needed Plugins influence WordPress’ efficiency
Large Community WordPress isn’t as well protected (security) as other CMSs
Thousands of templates and plugins available that can simply just be installed Table and graphic reformatting can be complicated
WordPress - Open Source Content Management System

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