Web Development

With more than 15 years in consulting, developing and supporting web applications, we strive to deliver high quality, functional web application solutions.

  • We produce high quality, scalable development solutions
  • Guide you through the process to reach your web application objectives
  • Maintain your web application to stay ahead
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Web Application Development that Focus on Usability, User Centric and Scalable Solutions

Some of the Web Development Technologies that we specialise in

Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Design is a solution to deliver a consistent experience across different screen resolutions. Most noteworthy is that web visitors have come to expect a similar experience irrespective of the device they’re using.  As a result, if you don’t have a good looking, functional website on any particular device, whether that be desktop, tablet or mobile, visitors are more likely to exit your site and look for something that fits with the device they’re using.

It is also important for Google since it enhances the user’s experience, which Google obviously loves.  Therefore it is quite simply something you cannot go without.

Nedoweb uses responsive web development for all our latest web site implementations. No matter how big or small your website, whether you’re using standard HTML and CSS or a Content Management System (CMS) there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the full benefit of Responsive Website Development.

Responsive Web Site Development

Web Application Development

  • Understand your goals and challenges
  • Using a technique called Agile User Stories, break down the goals into small pieces of functionality that make up the product. These ‘stories’ are told from the perspective of the end user who will make use of the feature 
  • Define a basic UI (user interface) through wireframes providing guidance on how the user will interact with the application
  • Select the technology that is most suited to the project
  • Utilising internal coding guidelines we design the data structure first and then start programming the web application as set out by the UI
  • Test the application for Quality Assurance, Multiple Browser Compatibility, Security, Performance – Usability
  • Deploy the application to your web server hosted by your hosting company

Technologies that we are proficient in

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