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Instead of Website Designs that simply look good, Create Websites That Convert.

  • Planning and execution is the greatest story of success
  • High conversion website designs
  • Effective website architecture upfront
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Our website design makes sure that your website converts.

Our Website Design Process

Understanding your webdesign challenges

Understanding your

What are your website’s goals,
who are you communicating with

Create your website structure first

Create your
Website Structure

A good structure
means better crawling

Web site look and feel

design layouts

Going through iterations to ensure
you’re satisfied with the end result

Website Design with Conversion in mind

Getting people to your web site is great – but only if they complete your site’s goals.

In the past, website designers used to design websites on intuition, whether from years of experience or as newbies.  Today things are very different due to tons of information to process before we start designing anything.

First of all let’s look at an example:
You’ve got four, three year old children in a room, each one with their own box of smarties.  If you had to ask each one individually which colors they liked, you could end up with a scenario where:  two out of the four likes the purple and red ones, the third likes red and yellow and the fourth doesn’t like chocolate at all (not likely, but let’s go with it).

What could you take as a result from the example above?

Accept that people’s behavior is unpredictable so make sure you lead your audience on a solutions journey where the end outcome is conversion.

Also remember when a reader has only one option to learn about a specific topic they are interested in, and that option happens to be an ugly site, they have no choice but to suffer through their experience.

Therefore, when there are multiple pieces of content about very specific but similar topics, readers will start choosing their options based on other factors, one being design.

You don’t have a website yet?

Should your business have a website, while your business is small or you don’t plan on selling your products online? The answer is unequivocally yes.

That does not mean that you should now suddenly focus all your energy and resources on web enabling your business. Rather acknowledge that all signs indicate that a large portion of current and future business revenues will be derived from online transactions or from standard transactions as a result of your online marketing efforts. A pragmatic and sustainable approach is what is recommended when planning and executing your online strategies.

Some statistics to consider:

Of user’s searching for local businesses will visit those same businesses within 24 hours
Of consumers will trust your brand if you create more customized content
Of the South African population, in Dec 2014, researched a product before buying

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You want to re-design your website?

Re-designing your website should be a strategic move, either one where you have data to prove that your current site isn’t doing the job anymore or has never done the job.  So when do you know for sure that you should re-design your website?

  1. Is the re-design due to an outdated visual presentation
  2. Maybe your current site isn’t mobile friendly
  3. You had no content strategy in place when you did it
  4. You want to convert your current website to a Content Management System (CMS)
  5. You want to develop new functionality for your customers therefore adding more value

These are all very valid considerations and would definitely be good reasons to look at a redesign.  However there is much more to consider when it comes to re-designing your website such as:

  1. How do you know that your existing customer base will actually like what they see
  2. Furthermore would they be prepared to “find” the same information that they previously viewed
  3. How do you ensure that your site’s traffic and sales don’t go down once you switch over

In conclusion, there are many more areas to look at, but even so, don’t be afraid to take the step to re-design your website, fear is debilitating and it could mean your business becomes stagnant..

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